Ref: IB184 San Jose - 7 Beds - Sleeps 14 - From €7800 Per Week


Landscaped in traditional Ibicencan style, the pool and terrace areas of the villa  provide a luxurious space for relaxing in style. The main area has two pools – the main pool, complete with underwater speakers – and a kids’ paddling pool, set in a timber-deck terrace with loungers, an outdoor kitchen and indulgent chill-out areas. Large hammocks make for perfect lazy afternoons in the sun, while enormous palm trees offer plenty of shade.

The villa is set in an acre of rustic farmland, which has been beautifully landscaped. The tranquil gardens provide plenty of space to relax in the shade, secluded from the main pool and terrace areas. Ibiza’s famous citrus trees grow abundantly in the villa’s orchards and guests are welcome to pick from them. There are also plenty of areas for children to explore, as well as an old pirate ship, a tree house, an AstroTurf football pitch and a climbing area.

Al-fresco feasts are a highlight of any stay here, with a uniquely designed barbeque area providing incredible views of the villa and surrounding landscape. An outdoor fridge, cooker, sink and worktop and a large eating area have everything you need to dine under the sun or the stars. An outside bar area has also been constructed with a beach-style palm roof, ice-bucket area, fridge and outside sink for day-or-night drinks by the pool.


     Two double bedrooms, two twin bedrooms

  One double bed, unique en-suite bathroom with toilet, bath with shower and a large separate shower enclosure


           Two double bedrooms, one twin bedroom

The cottage, which was originally a stable, has been carefully restored in typical Ibicencan Moorish style. The warm, opulent colours of the Moroccan interior provide an exclusive retreat away from the main villa and pool area. The interior consists of three bedrooms and three bathrooms with views overlooking the sea and mountains. The main bedroom in the cottage has a huge inbuilt bed, large enough to sleep four people in!





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San José

San José sits high in the hills in the centre of the same-named borrough and has everything a person might want: shops, bars, restaurants, a church, a shady arbor. San José sits high in the hills in the centre of the borrough with the same name and has some excellent restaurants, a few shops, bars, a church and a shady arbor in which to sit and contemplate village life. San José is first and foremost a living village and it is not a tourist centre. If it was then Ibiza's highest hill, Sa Talaia, would have a chairlift to the top and a water slide down the ten or so kilometers to the bay of San Antonio. t's charming in a simplistic Ibicencan way and it's charming because we Northern Europeans, who have made it our home, have adapted to its ways and not imposed our own style of life upon it. Behind the Church which dominates the village, hidden in a tiny alcove, can be found the Can Manyanet restaurant where typical Ibicencan food can be enjoyed, such as Sofrit Pages - casseroled lamb, chicken, potatoes, and saffron, for about 5 €, whilst gazing at the flowers and blossom in the garden. Across the main road, El Destino provides tapas with a twist, a more sophisticated fusion of traditional Spanish pulses, vegetables, and meats with elements of spices and flavours from the Pacific rim, yet still manages to retain a homely Ibicencan atmosphere. In the Bar Bernat Vinya (which has tables in the shady arbor opposite) old men gather to while away the time playing cards and discuss hunting game with the Ibicencan hound, the Podenco, whose pictures cover the walls. It's got entertainment. Sit in the cool summer garden of Es Raco Verd and listen to Jazz and Blues and hear the pleasant hum of conversations in different languages and accents. Sip something intoxicating and be intoxicated by the atmosphere and the millions of stars twinkling in the clear night sky. Gaze at the pools of light from porch lamps illuminating villas in the surrounding night-black hills. Or go to the open-air 'cinema' which makes an appearance every summer and split your sides laughing at Laurel and Hardy's international comedic capers or other films which transcend national boundaries. And in winter the fun doesn't stop just because the tourists have gone. The garden bar moves into the cosy pottery & souvenir shop next door (they move the pottery etc. somewhere else!) and in the garden braziers burn for warmth on chilly December nights when local musicians perform. And why does my wife love it? Because it's got shops. You can buy everything here from a beach mat or a traditional basket to a designer bathroom suite, from traditional pottery and antique farm implements to trendy children's toys, and from local bread and produce to buying the farm itself ! And every shop is conveniently placed close to a stressed out husbands' watering hole. I love the San José 'shopping experience'. It's small but perfectly formed. There is nothing spectacular about San José, other than the views of three sides of the island, but everything about it fits perfectly into place like a jigsaw. Coach tours rarely stay longer than an hour - if it's five o'clock it must be San José - a quick look in the Church, which has been completed since 1731, the year not the time, and then over the road, quick march, quick march, here's an art gallery, here's a pottery shop, and this is a pomegranate tree. 'We eat them you know.' Next stop, Las Salinas. Blink and they're gone. Take some time and discover the beauty of a slow pace of life. Discover shops that become bars, bars which are galleries, and bars which are shops. Lounge in the Fashion café with an early morning fruit juice and a newspaper or muse over German designer gear. Watch the boys and girls from the ancient Ibicencan crafts school chipping at rocks for building dry stone walls in much the same way as it was done a thousand years ago - in the shade of an olive tree with 8 concrete blocks and an old Renault 4 tyre. Occupy a bench by a palm tree and just watch the tiny world go by. Aaahhhh. If there is a rat race in San José it is surely slow and always takes a siesta! Visit it, or better still, stay in it. It's a great base for a holiday.  


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